Embarrassing moment

I guess I forgot to “blog” about a very embarrassing moment I had a couple of weeks ago. (No, fellow FBHCers, it’s not the one about sitting with John Huffer in church. That’s a whole other story!) Julie and I were cleaning a house and no one was home – or so we thought! Yes, I was vacuuming away in the living room and passed the piano that had some music on it that was calling my name. I decided the work could wait, I wanted to play that song! So play I did. It was a really fun song too! Well, a few minutes later, we discovered that the lady and her son had been down in the basement! I was soooo embarrassed. I didn’t say a word about it and neither did she! I’ll be more careful next time!



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Okay, so I had a stressful day, but I’m not here to talk about it. πŸ™‚ I was just trying to wind down and decided to read some of my past blogs. You know, sometimes you forget what you’ve done over the past year. Anyway, I ran across a really good comment from Sara Derscheid and thought I’d share it with ya:

I remember those days of feeling like I was in the middle of a three ring circus on Sunday and Wednesday nights. Just in the last year, I have felt like it’s finally settling down (restaurants too!)

Just thought I’d share. Congratulations, Sara on the new addition coming soon! Here’s to many stress-free church services.


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We had GBS choir at our church tonight. No, I was not disappointed in them! They did awesome!

Here’s the disappointment: Shaylee wanted to know who would be staying at our house for the night. I told her it would be one of the men traveling with the choir. She said, “I wish it was a young, good-looking one.” Sorry, Shaylee, we’re stuck with Don Davidson! πŸ™‚


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Now what?


Every blog I click on I expect a political post. I don’t want to disappoint anyone so here goes.

Is anyone really surprised? I can’t say that I am. Although I had hoped and prayed and hoped and prayed that the outcome would be different. Now that it’s over, we can get on with our lives! Anyone else tired of all the political commercials?

I know that we are disappointed, but this didn’t bring God by surprise. He knew exactly what was going to happen. I know He hears and answers our prayers, but this time the answer was, “No”. Now what do we do? We keep praying! We need to pray for Obama’s salvation and that he would seek God’s wisdom. I know God can change him, however, Obama would have to let Him. If he doesn’t go God’s way, we might be in for some hard times, but who said we should always have it easy? I believe this election just might be what brings us back to God.

The other thing we need to do is be respectful and make our children be respectful. My kids were horribly disappointed. In fact Shaylee said, “Let’s move to Egypt”! (I don’t know why she thinks it would be better there! πŸ™‚ ) I explained to them that we still must respect him as the President of the United States even though we can’t respect what he stands for. I’m not trying to be super-spiritual, but I really don’t like some of the jokes going around. God allowed this man to be elected and we must accept that.

So there’s my soapbox for today!



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Worth watching


I still haven’t figured out how to post a video clip into my blog, but here’s a link to a video you ought to watch.


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What have I been up to?

* Youth Challenge

* Taking care of two sick little girls

* Play practice at school

* Cleaning other peoples houses – mine, however, is suffering!

* Sarah Palin Rally – Yeah!!

* Church revival

* Preparing a meal for students on Friday

* Entertaining for Fellowship Night

* Old Fashion Day at UBC

* Painting the girls’ room

* Painting our new shed

There’s no way I could update on everything so there ya go. That’s a little sample of what I’ve been doing.

Oh, yeah, and I turned another year older!


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Results of the poll

What bothers you the most? Coming home to:

Dirty Dishes 58%

Food left out 20%

Unmade beds 11%

Cluttered bathroom 7%

Unfolded laundry 4%

I think I would have to agree with the majority.


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