I am a mother of three beautiful children and wife of one wonderful husband. We’ve been married for almost 14 years! Wow! That makes me sound old, but I’m really not. I just got married when I was really young. đŸ™‚

Our life is a busy one as is everyone’s with a family. Travis is an associate/youth pastor at the church I grew up in. Shaylee is 8, Alyssa 4, and Kendrick 22 mos. They keep us hopping! I keep busy taking care of my family and a couple times a month cleaning people’s houses! I hope you enjoy a peek into our life.


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  1. I was surfing around and clicked on your link in Valorie Quesenberry’s blog. I found it interesting you have a son named Kendrick. We do also. He is now 7 years old. My husband found the name in a baby book, and we liked the sound of it. Up until now I had only seen one other Kendrick. Maybe there are a few more than I realized. Have a great day! Nancy

  2. Ruthie Siegel

    Jody — Hello, it has been years. Your kids are so cute. Tell your family–Mom, Dad, & sisters HI for us. Saw your name on a friends blog and had to check you out. So this is just a hello from Connie’s mom.

  3. Hi i was at ICHA youth camp this June 29 – July 3,2009 and your husband was the preacher he did a very good job preaching i seen your kids they are so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My dad talked alot to Travis my dad has a brother named Travis your husband brother went to T.H.A with my uncle Rodney i am 12 i am in 7th grade i have blond hair i have dark green eyes my mom’s maiden name is Foster that is my uncles last name.

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