How’s that for a title? Here’s my monthly blog post!

I’m sure you all are just dying to hear what I’ve been up to since this blog has been silent. I’ll have to admit — I logged on here one day to delete my blog. Then I got sentimental and decided I at least need to print it all off before I delete it since I’m not very good at keeping a journal. Then, I thought someday when I get a camera, I might get interested again so I better just let it be. Until then, you’ll just have to put up with sporadic and picturless posts!

The girls had their Christmas program at school. Shaylee was the “Mom” and Alyssa was a “Doll”. It was such a cute musical and everyone did a great job.

I’m just about done with all of my shopping. Bad thing is, I’ve been “almost done” for a long time. I just need to make myself go finish. I mainly need a few stocking stuffers.

I had to work today. Julie worked with me, but we had to drive separately since she had an errand to run in Greenwood when we were done. My van is in the shop (being fixed after getting rear-ended) so I was privileged to take the little truck to work! Good thing the main roads were cleaned off because I found out what that truck does on ice! People’s driveways and a lot of the streets in the housing additions were a solid sheet of ice and I had no control over that truck! It was actually quite humorous! I was following Julie and she was cracking up at me. At one point, my wheels were turned all the way to one side and the truck was totally straight. I don’t know how many mailboxes and signs I almost hit! Thankfully, I would always get stopped just in time! I was soooo glad to get home today and I’m so thankful for my van. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the funniest part. There was a guy home at one of the houses I was cleaning and I had parked behind the garage where he was parked. When he had to leave, I had to move my truck, but it would barely move! I was spinning the tires like crazy. He tried to push me to no avail. He finally rode on my bumper while I pulled down the long driveway. It was hilarious! I know some things you just have to be there to think it’s funny, but I’ve been laughing all day about that! 🙂

We’re supposed to be getting another ice storm tonight. Yuck! I love snow, but ice scares me. The kids are so worried they won’t have school tomorrow. Don’t I have such precious kids? 😉 Actually, their Christmas party is scheduled for tomorrow and they will be so disappointed to miss that.

In other news, we just finished our small group series and are moving on to something different after the first of the year. We had a great group and want all of you to know how much we enjoyed it! I feel like we all got to know each other better and grew spiritually through this ministry.

Well, I must get off the chair and get something accomplished around here. After cleaning everyone else’s house, I don’t feel at all like cleaning mine, but, alas, my maid is off for the holidays!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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5 responses to “December

  1. when you say “something different” for small groups…do you mean a new topic or something TOTALLY different? I am so bummed, with me being sick for the last 10 wks, we missed half of our sessions 😦

  2. Jodyj

    I just mean a new topic. I think everybody’s happy with the set up of small groups. Hope you can get back into them!

  3. Glad you stayed safe on those icy roads! I enjoy reading your posts – even if they are pictureless.

  4. gina

    WOW, I know what you mean about driving on ice. I have always said I can’t drive on dry pavement let alone ice. That is one of the joys about being retired. Last week I never left the house for three days, finally Friday I called my neighbor and said I got to get out so we went to breakfast and then of course done a little shopping. See you Christmas eve. Am getting very anxious. Love you, your MIL

  5. Julie

    Hey you can now do a new post—-“January”!

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