Embarrassing moment

I guess I forgot to “blog” about a very embarrassing moment I had a couple of weeks ago. (No, fellow FBHCers, it’s not the one about sitting with John Huffer in church. That’s a whole other story!) Julie and I were cleaning a house and no one was home – or so we thought! Yes, I was vacuuming away in the living room and passed the piano that had some music on it that was calling my name. I decided the work could wait, I wanted to play that song! So play I did. It was a really fun song too! Well, a few minutes later, we discovered that the lady and her son had been down in the basement! I was soooo embarrassed. I didn’t say a word about it and neither did she! I’ll be more careful next time!



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10 responses to “Embarrassing moment

  1. gina

    Jody you can come and clean for your MIL and you can play the piano any time during your day. I always love to hear you play.

  2. That is funny. But did you really need to be embarrassed? As long as you got your work done…she probably enjoyed it (or maybe not!) loL!

  3. How hilarious! That sounds like the time I was at Burger King with my boys, being stupid and wearing one of the crowns. I heard snickering behind me and turned to find a FBHC board member observing my stupidity…

  4. Julie

    You forgot to mention the fact that I almost commented how ugly their new chair was!

  5. Todd

    This story gives me the urge to go to your piano, play the scale, all but the last note………. hehe

  6. Hi, Jody! I’m a faithful blog-lurker of yours, and it’s always enjoyable reading your entries (like today’s, for instance!) I had an extremely embarrassing moment ( or, I should say, moments) at IHC in Dayton one year. It’s so bad I can’t relay it here!:# Did I NEED to tell that?!

    I just wanted to say thanks for checking out my web page on CaringBridge and leaving me a note! I’m so glad I have such thoughtful friends. You all make my heart smile!:)

    Take care – – Debbie (Stalker) Fike

  7. jodyj

    Debbie, thanks for making yourself known! 🙂 I’d LOVE to hear about your embarrassing moment sometime!
    We think about you often and hope you’re doing better.

  8. Great piano music is always good to listen to. I’m sure your surprise audience loved it!

    Todd’s comment above reminds me of Kim Collingsworth and Dino Kartsonakis at the 2007 pianorama. Have you ever got to see that? It is hilarious!

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